Privacy Policy

CouponHub is always serious about protecting the privacy of every website user. Our privacy statements are intended to inform the major ways through our team collects data from the visitors and clients. We have also stated the details of how we use the information. While engaging our service or using our website, you need to agree to the fact that all the disputes on privacy issues will be governed only with the following statements on this page. For any question on privacy, you may send us an email to contact our team.

The data that our website collects is of 2 types-

•    The personal details that our users inform us voluntarily while registering with us or while taking our online services (blog comments or social media features)

•    Information was taken on preferences and patterns of usage when our web visitors use our platform

Registration details

To use some features of our website, you will have to accomplish the registration process and give us your details as one of the parts of that process. Thus, you enable us in helping you with the customised features and services and meet your needs. It is only you, who have to make out whether you should give the information that we like to receive. While we have not got the information, we will not have the option of assisting you with our services. We cannot send an email alert or latest news to you.


Our company offers email subscription option. While you like to get our newsletter regularly, you must give us your email ID. We will also add the option for unsubscribing our newsletter for any reason.

Promotional offers and contests

At any time, we can offer the opportunity to take part in competitions or to avail the promotions through our online service. While you like to get engaged in it, you should give us the details, like address, email ID, name and phone number. When you are not interested to inform anything about yourself, there is no need of entering our contest.

Information on mobile app and location-

Our website collects the information on the geographic area of the users to help them with relevant services and content. While you give us the consent of using your location-related information, we will store it at the safest site. Moreover, while you are using computer browsers and mobile for accessing our website, our platform automatically receives information on your device model, IP address and several other details. We will also use this information for tailored services.

Reasons for collecting information

We will use your information in various legitimate ways-

•    Helps you with our services and products, like coupon delivery and promotional offers

•    manage your account on our online platform

•    Send alerts and promotional items or other relevant communications

•    Control your participation or membership in any event and programs

•    Supplement the personal data with several additional details, collected from commercial or public source

•    Protect you against any fraud activity, identify it instantly and also put the restrictions into effect

•    Comply with all the legal rules and other standards

•    Improve and operate the business by analysing the data

•    Give response to all your queries and the inquiries of legal authority

Other website links

CouponHub’s website can include links to visit other sites. We cannot control privacy rules of those websites. So, you have to go through the policy of every website, where you like to visit.

Database security

All the information, collected by our company, is saved in our database. Our team secures the PII in one of the controlled environments, where no unauthorised users can get access. We never consider any security unit as entirely impenetrable. That is why our company does not always guarantee database security.

Modification of privacy rules

We can alter our privacy terms or add new rules at any time. We’ll post that updated information on this page. You have to accept our statements to use all our services.

So, read our privacy policies and use our website to get services and products. We work with the aim of keeping up the privacy of every user of CouponHub website.

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