Perfect Gifts: Best Camera Gadgets For Photographers

February 24, 2018 Blogs


One must have heard of quotes like A Friend in need is a Friend indeed, so be that friend in need who is going to help his or her photographer friend grab the right camera gadgets which will eventually help him or her to take on their passion to another level. Suggested here are seven such camera gadgets which you can gift your friend, and be a friend indeed.

1.     Camera Phone Lenses: A photographer doesn’t always look for a camera when he is in a mood to click pictures, he can manage a good picture even with his phone and you can make it splendid by gifting him this special camera gadget that is phone lenses. One can attach it to their phone’s camera and transform it from a basic phone camera to a camera that does wonders. These lenses fit any type of phone and have magnetic rings that stick to the camera, are detachable and doesn’t shake or falls off.

2.     Solar-Powered Camera Strap: What causes hindrance to endless photo shoots is the battery life of a camera, and to handle that one needs a camera that supports him throughout his clicking experience. This solar-powered strap lets you charge up your camera anytime to help your photographer friend click out of battery problems. This camera strap is too cool to hang on and flaunt while you are busy in session, you are already making a fashion statement. Gift this camera gadget to your friend and let him or her remark his photography journey with ease and style. Though they are expensive, yet you can buy them during promotion sales at a great deal.

3.     Camera Lamp: Clicking pictures with proper light that itself creates a bright effect on the object is what the photographer looks for, so why not gift your friend with a camera lamp that will be a source to provide light to the camera taking the picture. This isn’t a gadget but yet it is in a way that is used by photographers for general use. One can simply attach it to the three-stand camera stands and then manage his or her photo sessions. It is very much trendy and looks very fashionable if used for capturing interviews during talk shows or anything as such. You can buy it from your savings itself, as they are cheap and affordable.

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4.     Expoimaging Rogue gels-u Lighting Kit: Everybody wants their picture to look great, colourful and pretty, to which we look for filters. The job to make everything look good lies in the hands of the photographer, even if it’s a picture of nature. So, help your friend and brush off some responsibility by gifting him or her, this Lighting Kit which has 20 filters which are different from each other. One can attach it to your device and have the best shot with the help of these filters. It is easily transportable as it comes in a pouch that has enough storage space.

5.     Loop World Travel Adapter: There is a difference in the plugs and voltages of different countries; if a plug has been used in the wrong power cord it can damage a device. So, buy this adapter that has been designed to help all those photographers who have to travel for their job. It is available with USB outlets and comes in 11-pin socket that is universal as far as usage is concerned.

6.     Foldable All-in-one Mini Studio Portable Lightbox: Every photographer who has been working professionally either owns a studio of his own or needs one, and for all those who need a studio to work on, this can be the perfect gift for them, a mini studio. This studio takes into account your object giving it the much-needed light to make it look fascinating to the viewers. This mini studio comes with an application included in your smartphone which lets you adjust the colour, brightness of the mini box and has editing features too. Look for offers to claim this gadget for your friend.

7.     Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter: Most of the times the photographer friend of your group is out of the group pictures because he or she is the one who is capturing it. So why not gift him this Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter to let him include in the group photos where he manages a selfie just by pressing the button of this shutter which works effortlessly with any device. One can manage large group selfies too with the use of this amazing gadget, till 30 feet. You can manage to buy one at discounts to save yourself from too much of expense.

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