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“Nothing like home”

When it comes to your ‘heavenly abode’, you want it to look perfect. No one likes staying in a messy corner for long. Right? You love it when your house looks good because then it feels good. Oh yes, do not forget the compliments which you receive when your guests appreciate your home’s interiors and décor! Such an awesome feeling!

The beauty of your house accentuates when you accessorise it well. There are so many options on how stunningly you can decorate your place. You can choose a theme, and deck up your house with modern or antique accessories or use a blend of both!

Buying these lovely accessories can get cheap when you choose to buy them from online web portals or retail stores when they declare sale! Thankfully, you have that option on websites as well. Companies use the ‘sale’ scheme as a large part of their promotion strategy.

You can avail discounts by using coupons and vouchers on the e-commerce websites that will help to add to your saving. You must try CouponHub for fantastic offers and deals!

While there are no golden rules on how you can doll up your house with contemporary or age-old accessories, we would share some useful tips on how you can go about it.

Here we have shared some ideas on how you can decorate your home with modern and antique accessories. Try it!

Try mixing up new bed linens and antique textile pillows!

The whole look of your bedroom changes when you change your pillows and bedsheet. You agree, right? It can change the entire feeling of the room when you mix and match your bedsheet and pillow covers.

One thing that you can try is put white linens on the bed, and choose pillow covers that have a vintage look! Indigo is an excellent colour for example. The plain white bedsheet helps the pillow covers to stand out giving your room a royal look altogether!


Fresh new plants in antique pots

Having living things apart from humans and pets at home is so important. We are talking about plants guys! The fresh green plants or expensive flowers in beautiful vintage pots look amazingly pretty and add a lovely touch to your interiors.

You can easily buy antique pots from stores or online and search for sites that sell rare plants too. Your guests would love this addition to your house for sure!

Lamps and sofa table

A sofa table can either be modern looking or vintage, and FYI it is an absolute must at your home. It adds value to your posh couches you know? We are sure you think alike!

Now to accessorise a bit, you can buy fancy looking lamps or ones that have a royal or vintage look about it, and place it on your sofa table. You can accompany the same with yellow or dim lights in your living room. So perfect? Oh, remember not to mix and match! That is to say, if the sofa table has a vintage feel, you should buy lamps of the same category. Try it!

A piece of modern art

If you already have a place or corner at your home that has a very vintage feel, ‘cause you have added all antique items there, then you can go for a change now! Buy a beautiful piece of modern art (preferably by some famous painter, or a local artist’s abstract work) and put it up amidst the antique things. This pop-up will be cherished by all for sure!

Old desk, new chair!

This one is a total winner. Buy an old looking or vintage desk for your room, and pair it with a contemporary chair. It is a dynamic combo we tell you! Modern chairs come in a variety, and you can select amongst so many available easily on online websites at affordable prices!

To look like an antique piece, buy a wooden desk that has many drawers. It looks oh-so-old and has a very royal feel to it.

Sofa and artwork

This is again an amazing idea. Buy a contemporary sofa that has a very modern feel to it. You can choose to buy it in bold colours like royal blue or magenta if you do not prefer the wooden look!

Now add an antique artwork to the walls of wherever you place this modern sofa or couch. The intermingling of the contrasts will make you fall in love with your room! Consider buying a vintage or antique painting from flea markets or exhibitions if you’re a fan of art!

Vintage cabinets

Nothing like an antique-looking or vintage cabinet/wardrobe at home! Your guests will love it, and you’re sure to receive compliments for the masterpiece.

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