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While you have been working your day off at home and suddenly your friends or colleagues plan an outing, only then you notice how ugly your hair makes you look. For every woman who has a sudden expectation to meet given the fact that it is their hairstyle that needs discussion; we have found the best hair hacks to save you time exactly when the need be.

hair hack

  1. The Bun: Whosoever introduced hair buns into fashion is undoubtedly a genius because it just doesn’t save your time but makes more of a fashion statement. Even when the Models and Celebrities are having a good hair day, they naturally walk out with a bun, and that is precisely how it saves so many of us from labelling a day as “Bad Hair Day”. All you have to do is pull your hair in a top knot and then twist the pony to form a round bun on your head. It is always a good idea to use some pins for a firm touch. Also, not to forget how messy buns have been the trending hairstyle.
  2. Hairspray kind of a day: If you can’t spare more than 2 minutes for your hair to look amazing for a next outing then we suggest go for a natural hairspray. Using some dry shampoo on your hair and then using the blow dry to dry the sweat gives more of a naturally beautiful hair look. It keeps the hair fresh, and you can look at discounts to buy best hairsprays at best of prices.
  3. Curl the middle: If you have to curl your hair and you don’t have much time to invest curling from the root till the end, then we have a hack. You can still achieve perfection in your curls only if you curl from the middle of your hair. Generally, people start from the end, but curling from the centre makes the hair stay curly for long. It also protects the hair ends against damage.
  4. The right hair tie: The type of hair tie you choose for your hair plays a vital role in defining or destroying your hairstyle. Always go for hair ties that won’t dent your hair, hair ties that match your hair colour or are transparent. The hair ties that look as good in your hair as they do on your wrist are the right kind of hair ties to choose. The right hair tie makes even the unruly hair look sophisticatedly pretty. Moreover, when you have zero time left to think of a hairstyle, it is always a better idea to tie it in a top knot.
  5. A Headband: Who said headbands are for girls? Even women have a better way to sport better-looking headbands with sophisticated as well as chic outfits. If you have been juggling with the thought of what to do with my hair, then you should keep headbands in your wardrobe. A braided headband or the colourful headbands with a bow make for a natural hairstyle. Also, if you are walking out to your gym a basic broad headband is an excellent way to extend your hair, and they soak sweat as well. But keep in mind to look at these discounts while buying colourful headbands.
  6. Blow Drying Process: Most of the women do the blow-drying job wrong especially when they are in a hurry. If you want your hair turn dry in perfection, then you have to start to blow drying it when it is already 90% dry. And, how do you do that? Well, it is effortless to do that, all you have to do is use a delicate towel that has enough soaking capacity. Now use the towel to squeeze the water and save your hair from rough drying. This way you also protect your hair from the damage of blow dryers.
  7. Oil your split ends: Even though it sounds as oily as oil looks like, but it is more like a blessing on your days when your hair texture doesn’t feel right. On your dry hair days take a few drops of your hair oil on your palms and dab it on your split ends. By doing this, you will no longer have to watch those dry split ends make the other part of your hair look bad. They will have their shine. You can also use Gel for that purpose if it is sticky and can be trusted upon.
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